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Today, I have a something that I’ve been wanting to share with you for quite some time. It’s taken me awhile to get this down in writing, but I am SO excited to share with you my review of Make it Happen by Lara Casey.

Late last year I stumbled upon Lara Casey & her Powersheets while looking for something to help me with goal setting. After making my initial purchase and reading her blog, I knew she was someone that I wanted to learn from. She has this way of sharing her faith without making you feel judged or less than.


When I first heard about her book, Make it Happen, I knew that it was something that would make an impact in my life based off how much her blog posts have helped me. I finally had the chance to read it a few months ago and WOW!

Her story is so Captivating, Inspiring and Raw.

In her book, she shares how God has worked in her life through the darkest times, even when she thought all hope was lost. She hasn’t always had such a close relationship with God, which is why I think it resonated so deeply with me. I didn’t grow up as a Christian, but became baptised when I was 21 years old. It was a time in my life when I was in desperate need of direction but over the years my faith has become less and less. I have always believed in God, but I didn’t always trust in him…especially during my struggle with infertility.

Seeing how she was able to let go of the past and not feel like it was too late to have a relationship with Him was so inspiring to me. I’ve wanted a closer relationship with God especially after witnessing how He worked in my life during my years with HA and the birth of my miracles. But I didn’t always know how or what that might look like on a day-to-day basis.

In her book, she shows you how to Surrender Your Fear, Take the Leap & Live on Purpose…

This is something I feel I’ve been needing in so many areas of my life lately. Don’t get me wrong, I have a beautiful life that I am so incredibly grateful for, but the the fear of failure is something I’ve always struggled with. The Type A, need for control, perfectionist in me still tries to come out which drives my fear even further.

Now that I’m a mother, it’s really challenged that in me. Comparing myself to other mommas out there has the ability to keep me from living on purpose. My goal for this year is to be Present and boy has it been a work in progress!

If you have a big desire in your heart to Live on Purpose, then Make it Happen is for you…


What I love so much about Make it Happen is that it’s set up in a workbook style format. There are questions asked all throughout the book as well as action items and additional content through her website that you get access to. This really helped me to break things down into bite-sized chunks that I could take and implement right away.

Although she is a Christian and this book is very much centered around God, I truly feel it can help anyone looking to find purpose in their lives. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect:

  • Part 1: Surrendering Your Fear. This is where she teaches you how to stop chasing Perfect, meet your Fear & decide you Can.
  • Part 2: Take the Leap. In this part of the book, she focuses on Trust, Faith & leaping into what Matters.
  • Part 3: Live on Purpose. This is where you’ll learn what Success really is & how to make room for Grace.
  • Part 4: Your Guide to Make it Happen. This is where you’ll put it all together by Evaluating your life, Clearing the clutter, set Purposeful goals, take Action & Encourage others.

I truly can’t recommend this book enough and am so grateful I made the time to read it. I have a feeling it will be one that I’ll continue to come back to time and time again as seasons change and new struggles emerge.



P.S. Her Powersheets & Write the Word journals are AMAZING too! Click HERE to get yours!


**The links to Lara Casey’s book, powersheets & journals are affiliate links. This post was not sponsored, all thoughts and opinions are my own.**

8 thoughts on “Make it Happen

    • P. Jeanne says:

      Thank you SO much Lara <3 I truly appreciate you taking the time out of your day to respond, means SO much! You have inspired my life in so many ways over the last grateful for you <3

  1. Jessie says:

    How great! I pinned this book a while ago and plan on buying it soon! I too also distanced myself from God a little during my secondary infertility struggle but had a few chilling signs that he was offering me hope through it. Too bad I can’t tell you that story in person😉 Have a great day!

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