Filling up so you can pour more out

Those first months of motherhood, you’re completely consumed with this tiny human being you created inside your body. You’re living your life in 2-3 hour increments moving from feeding, to rocking, to changing dirty diapers; only to do it all over again before you get a moment to breathe.

But you don’t mind, it’s a magical season of life in it’s own way…

But then the exhaustion starts to wear on you. You feel yourself unable to catch up on sleep, showering or your household duties. Suddenly, this life becomes a train moving too fast for you to slow down. You feel depleted and unable to give the best of you.

All too often we as momma’s feel this need to give our all to those we love, especially our children. We feel the more we give, the better we are as parents. We say yes to the demands and no to self care. For there just isn’t enough time for it all. Is there?

But what I’ve come to learn in my almost 4 years of motherhood, is I can only give of me what I put in. So if I fail to fuel up, rest and replenish my body, mind & soul…then my family doesn’t get the best of me. They only get the stressed out, frazzled, exhausted me.

And that’s just not good enough.

At first the guilt takes hold of you. If I take this time for myself, aren’t I neglecting my family? #MomGuilt, it’s a real thing. But I’m a walking testimony that by giving myself the time I need to fill up my mind, body & soul; my family in turn get’s more of me. More of the happy, present & patient momma/wife they deserve.

So I set my alarm for 5am and I relish those precious 30 min of peace.

I find a quiet spot in the house every afternoon to read while my 3 year old watches a movie and my 18 month old naps.

I carve out a few hours every so often to leisurely walk through Target or get my hair done.

I plan play dates or attend MOPS once a week to spend time with other momma’s without my kiddos constantly needing my attention.

I find 10-15 min a few times a week to play my guitar.

And the list goes on….

It may not seem like much, but these little moments of filling up, add up to my ability to be the wife & momma my heart so desires. There’s something to be said about putting on your “mask” first before you tend to others.

It’s a balancing act, not of finding perfect harmony in all areas at the same time, but it’s the give and take at any given moment to create a life that’s balanced as whole. To find moments of self care, then moments of caring for others. The back and forth of it all to create a life that is lived to it’s fullest.



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