What I was created for

Years went by before I truly knew what I was put on this earth to do. I guess that’s because it took time for my story to unfold before it could be used for good. But I remember the moment so clearly when my calling finally made it’s way to me.

I was made to encourage others through my words.

To share my stories of the past and life lessons of today. To encourage others in their walk through infertility and to connect with other mommas in the thick of their season with littles.

At first I wasn’t sure how to bring it all together, my past & my present. They are polar opposites. How could I share about one and then the other and still connect to those I feel God has placed in my life and path?

But over time I found myself trusting Him more, because after all this life isn’t about me, it’s about sharing the beauty of God’s story in my life and pointing others towards Him.

I’ve always believed in God, but there were years when I didn’t feel Him.

It wasn’t until I could look back and see how he helped me take each step towards where I am today and how each of those has given me a purpose and a passion, that I finally started to feel him.

My purpose is to share, encourage and lift up those who are struggling with their own journey through infertility. To help them know they’re not alone. To help them learn from and gain hope from my journey. I now know that it’s the very reason why I endured the longest, darkest 7 years of my life and for that I am grateful.

My passion is to write about life now, one the “other side”. To share how it’s changed me and continues to change me and my perspective on life & motherhood. To connect, encourage and support other momma’s walking in the same season. To share my flaws and how I’m learning to give myself grace.

Because when you finally get to that place where you know what you were created for, peace washes over you.

And it’s that peace that keeps me going when the doubt sets in and I think, “Did I hear God wrong, was I made for something else?”. I think back to that moment when it all became clear and there was no question that this is what I was created for.

I’m learning to let go of worldly acceptance & acknowledgement and trust in this call. Because success in God’s eyes means following Him as well as serving & loving other’s with no strings attached.

And if at the end of my years I have…

Followed God & His call on my life.

Loved my husband fiercely.

Provided a safe place in my arms for my babies.

And served & love those God has placed in my life and path.

Then I’d say it was life well done.

I still have a lot of work to do and so much yet to learn,

but knowing now what I was created for makes the journey that much sweeter…



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